Sunday, May 1, 2016

Back to life with Beckett and Critical Comedy

Back again.

After much resistance and some significant personal journeys - which at times propelled myself far away from the original context of this project (even further than usual) -I am once again sitting at my desk and typing, occasionally staring out the window at the spring of the Berlin street.

Some difficult reflections on what Australia is becoming are on the way. More immediate matters: next week I am presenting at two conferences at the University of Canterbury, Kent, the first about Comedy and Critical Thought and the second about Samuel Beckett and globality. These conferences are similarly structured and offer some specific opportunities to talk about two pet topics, collectivity against authority and the collapse of critical discourse under neo-liberal economic agendas. I will report back, hopefully with some video or a text or two. At the moment I am madly (but not unhappily) scrambling to finish the work I have to deliver before the long bus ride to Kent. When I return I will be part of an art installation project 'Public Speaking' in Berlin, before I leave to once again report from Faki Festival in Zagreb at the end of May.

So, I'm guessing much more to come shortly. Hopefully I will one day also get to write about some theatre in Berlin, (which is actually what this project is supposed to be about, by the way).