Thursday, December 5, 2013

On Hiatus

I'm putting theaterstuck on short hiatus while I undertake a project in Kosovo next week. More publication should follow shortly.

Meanwhile, an acknowledgement from me about the Ukrainian protests is necessary. My performances in the theme of 'protest' in the Wandering Hanger festival in Lutsk seem strangely pertinent now. Together with the performances I wrote about and the subsequent workshops in Kiev, these reinforced for me the willing and spirited nature of Ukrainian people, especially younger people but only reflected in the nuggety faces of the babushkas, clear and constantly manifested.

It would be nice for prosperous Western countries if events in Ukraine were driven by a kind of EU worship - but the reality is, this is a response to the scary prospect of Russian rule, which has once again raised its head.

Ukraine does not need Russia or the EU for support - but it certainly needs them to stop their conflicts, which damage countries like Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia.

The Ukrainian people deserve better than to be used as pawns for jostling regional political influence.

I wish those protesting a productive resistance.