Thursday, October 31, 2013

What Really Happened in Lutsk?

I was privileged to be the guest of Wandering Hanger Theatre Festival in Lutsk, Ukraine last month. As it was part of my brief, I tried to write some reflections, but they were not always good - sometimes nonsense. This naturally happens when you write criticism of theatre that is in a language you don't understand. The result is more like an impressionist painting than an accurate reflection.

To supplement my own writing, below is the perspective of Kiev art critic Olha Velymchanytsi, who, in contrast to myself, was able to comprehend all of the performances (with the exception of the Georgian group, whose language was understood by relatively few), and who generously allowed me to translate and publish her writing.

Her thoughts will also be published (in Ukrainian) at Kino-Teart magazine #1, 2014 -

Wandering Hanger

by Olha Velymchanytsia

The International Festival Wandering Hanger, was held in Lutsk from 27 to 29 September for the first time. It featured a strong and cohesive team of organisers – the theater-studio Garmyder - and, importantly, a clear concept - "theatre outside the theatre".
The theatrical exploration of different city spaces began with the Opening Ceremony, which took place at a children's railway. Drums beat and cameras flashed to welcome to the station a train crowded with festival participants – independent theatres from all over Ukraine and abroad, anticipating a full program of theatre and art and a city not yet known. Participants followed “Mandrishak”, a walking clothes rack - the symbol of festival.